• Faster sync with lnd 0.5.1

    As some of you know, the latest version of the wallet had a problem with syncing. In that, it would first sync block headers, then sync filter headers. The problem is that these would be sequential and the progress bar would only reflect the block headers. So, many users were stuck at 99% while filter headers synced, leading to confusion.

  • Simple UI and lnd 0.5

    Based on feedback from our users, we’ve simplified the UI of the wallet. In addition to UI, we’ve also updated lnd to the latest 0.5 version. Currently available on Play Store or App store.

  • rawtx lightning wallet for ios

    Today, we are releasing the iOS version of the rawtx wallet, a mobile lightning network wallet for Bitcoin. Here’s a demo sending 20 satoshis from Android to iOS instantly over lightning network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kftCcpKzlA0.

  • Introducing rawtx, a mobile lightning network wallet!

    Today, we are releasing rawtx, a mobile lightning network wallet for Bitcoin. For now, it’s available on Android, with iOS version coming soon.

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