Based on feedback from our users, we’ve simplified the UI of the wallet. In addition to UI, we’ve also updated lnd to the latest 0.5 version. Currently available on Play Store or App store.

Some notes about the UI improvements:

  • we don’t expect the lightning network stats to be useful, so that was completely removed,
  • added a basic settings screen,
  • syncing block was removed and is now inside Settings and it displays a percentage instead of block height,
  • close the wallet moved inside Settings,
  • intro screen button are moved into a card-like view with smooth transitions,
  • savings/checking accounts renamed into blockchain/lightning accounts,
  • send/receive functionality is extracted into a common button for blockchain and lightning,
    • the send functionality will determine which one to use based on what was scanned,
    • receive functionality gives possibility of generating blockchain address or lightning invoice.
  • many smaller improvements.

This is the first iteration towards a simple UI, there are more changes coming soon. There will also be a more advanced UI mode.

The update to lnd 0.5 brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements such as reduced cpu/memory/disk usage (for example: neutrino doesn’t save filters to disk anymore).

If you run into problems, feel free to create an issue on Github or contact us.