As some of you know, the latest version of the wallet had a problem with syncing. In that, it would first sync block headers, then sync filter headers. The problem is that these would be sequential and the progress bar would only reflect the block headers. So, many users were stuck at 99% while filter headers synced, leading to confusion.

lnd 0.5.1 eliminates this by syncing both in parallel. So you will see faster sync times and more accurate progress percentage (%).

In addition to that, we’ve fixed a bug when the user tries connecting to a brand new peer, it would somehow fail even if the connection was successful. This is due to how we detect if we are connected, which included querying the graph info, the issue is that new peers are parts of peers list, not necessarily the graph. This has been fixed as well.

We’ve also included the blockchain transactions as part of the UI.

There are many more bugfixes and stability improvements underneath.

Please give it a try and feel free to file bugs/feature requests on github.